Exports have been described as catalysts for overall development and increase the earnings of the country thereby creating an avenue for growth by raising the national income of the country. Since the importance of foreign income cannot be over-emphasized, this study therefore examines the performance of non – oil exports over the years as well as the reason for that pattern and level of performance. The study evaluates the performance of Nigeria’s export promotion strategies as to whether they have been effective in diversifying the productive base of the Nigerian Economy from Crude oil as the major source of foreign exchange. The study runs from 1981 through 2010. Findings from the study reveal that non – oil exports have performed below expectations giving reason to doubt the effectiveness of the export promotion strategies that have been adopted in the Nigerian Economy. The study reveals that the Nigerian Economy is still far from diversifying from crude oil export and as such the crude oil sub – sector continues to be the single most important sector of the economy. The study made some recommendations for diversification to be achieved and for enhancing the productivity and output of non –oil commodities as well as providing markets for the commodities.